On Power Systems and Security

One of the topics I’m trying to close on at the moment is Power Systems Security. I have my views on where I think we need to be, where the emerging technology challenges are, what the industry drivers are(yours and ours), and the competitive pressures.

If you want to comment or email me with your thoughts on Power Systems security, I’d like to hear. What’s important, what’s not?  Of course I’m interested in OS related issues, AIX, i, or Linux on Power. I’m also interested in requirements that span all three, that need to apply across hardware and PowerVM.

Interested in mobility? Want your keys to move between systems with you? Not much good if you move the system but can’t read the data becuase you don’t have key authority. Is encryption in your Power Systems future? Is it OK to have it in software only, to have it as an offload engine or does it need to run faster via acceleration. Do you have numbers, calculations on how many, what key sizes etc.

Let’s be clear though, we have plans and implementations in all these areas. What I’m interested in are your thoughts and requirements.

2 Responses to “On Power Systems and Security”

  1. 1 Yan Zhang September 5, 2009 at 6:50 pm


    Thanks for your posts on the website.

    I have a question about aix the mobility related to live application partition.

    To have the mobility feature, both source and target lpars need to use the nfs which will affect the performance of our databse servers (for SAP).

    Due to this NFS requirement, do you know if there will be some other ways to overcome this nfs issue (which manily concerned about the performance in daily running using NFS)?

    (By the way, I know the live parition mobility will have this nfs issue, since lpm does not use nfs — but we then need to purchase powerVM enterprise license, configure vio, purchase power6 servers).

    Thanks a lot.


    • 2 cathcam September 6, 2009 at 7:59 pm

      Thanks Yan, I’m not aware of any planned changes that will remove the NFS requirement. However, I left IBM 9-months ago and they may have changed plans. You should ask your IBM account team to put you in touch with Jerry Petru in the AIX Competancy center. Jerry is a great guy and will be able to help you with any suggestions.

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