More history rewrites

One of todays cyber storms is the release of Googles Chrome browser. It comes with it’s own comic book style explanation which includes some major rewrites of history, including a few geographical snafus as the Register points out.

However, my favorite is the one on page-4 where it says “We’re applying the same kind of process isolation you find in modern operating systems” – Like err, address spaces in the 1970’s mainframe systems. Just because Windows was borked doesn’t mean everything else is… but then if Google says its true, it must be. So how radical is the concept of running tabs as processes and freeing up all the memory when you close a tab… not very.

Oh yeah, and I remember around 1985 when the VM/SP pubs team first used cartoons to explain topics in some of the VM/SP manuals, so even thats not new google. Still nice to see the youngsters re-invent the old, maybe next up will be google coke, if you put a dirty penny in it, it cleans it… Wow.

Having said that, I’ll be trying out Google Chrome, muppet I know.

3 Responses to “More history rewrites”

  1. 1 Patrick Mueller September 2, 2008 at 9:50 am

    I don’t think the “modern operating systems” note is all that bad. At least per the context of the comic, where they’re explaining stuff at a pretty high level. And especially if you view this comparatively, where most of the browsers run ‘tabs’ in the same process space – they’re just trying to make a point about making use of separate process spaces. Which in fact all “modern” operating systems support. And some that are “not so modern”.

    And, as we all know, ‘modern’ operating systems all date back to the 70’s anyhow. When was the last big upheaval in the o/s space?

    The geographic typos are pretty funny though.

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