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Summers over, time for a t-shirt!

My Power 7 and VM/ESA t-shirts

My Power 7 and VM/ESA t-shirts

Over on the mainframe blog, James Governor is talking about start-ups and t-shirt driven development in his latest Redmonk TV. We’ve done the subversive t-shirt thing for years at IBM, both in conjunction with and separately from the SHARE User Group.

When I moved from the UK to the USA, I cleaned out my huge stockpile of t-shirts, both triathlon, running and tech t-shirts and tennis shirts. I kept a few, including the one in the bag on the picture. In the old days getting t-shirts printed couldn’t be done at home and was expensive, so it was common place to keep things obscure, that kept the cost down and the security people away.

The white t-shirt has the IBM 8-bar logo on the left chest, and the numbers 5654-030. Wikipedia currently says that VM/ESA dates from 1988, while that might be true in an intellectual perspective since much of the control program(hypervisor code) came from VM/XA, available in 1988, VM/ESA wasn’t announced until 1990 and the first release 1.0 available in December that year. We wore these VM/ESA t-shirts at that years SHARE meetings, especially at SCIDS.

The other t-shirt in the picture? Well its similarly forward looking, designed and distributed by Richard Talbot around the time Richard and the team got the follow-on processor to P6 through concept. I have a few other t-shirts, maybe we should start a flickr group and post pictures 😉

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