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Der Spiegel Article Regarding NSA TAO Organization

As I know from search engine referrals to my blog a lot of readers arrive here for searches on firmware, open source and security, I thought it worth adding a link to point to the official Dell Corporate response to the current concerns on the Der Spiegel report.

This mirrors and was my experience.

Dell vStart 1000

I’ve previously posted on the Dell vStart systems, first the vStart 200, and then later it’s smaller brother, the vStart 50. Now it’s the turn of the big brother, vStart 1000. The announcement came as part of a suite of technology product announced by the head of my division, Brad Anderson, at the second annual U.S. Dell Storage Forum. You can find a summary and video from Brad here.

Apart from the scale and capacity of the vStart 1000, obviously designed to accomodate about one thousand virtual machines running on either VMware’s ESXi or Microsoft’s Hyper-V server virtualization hypervisors, a couple of the key additions are the first Dell Compellent storage and Dell Force10 networking-based vStart solution. By combining the new PowerEdge M620, Dell Force10 networking and Compellent fibre channel storage, vStart 1000 provides a mission critical application and private cloud platform withintegration and exploitation of theses key infrastructure components.

[update] CRN has a good summary and a picture of the new blades which I hadn’t seen. You can read it here.

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