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I’ve been slacking on blog posts for a while, my Ironman training has been the main reason, time outside work has just vanished as I approach my final ironman distance triathlon in July. Also, increasingly I’ve been internally focussed on a number of key projects as well, are busy creating the real Dell Software Group, out of some fabulous acquisitions. While Dell Software Group has existed for over a year, given the staff and products largely have come from only acquisitions with a number of us moving over from what we fondly refer to as “legacy dell”, we are really starting to see a coherent software business emerge, rather than individual businesses.

Website: One of the big steps in the maturity of the Dell Software group is the launch of our very own software website, and the re-organization of the Dell Social Media properties around software. I’m jumping the gun officially, but the new is now live.

Twitter: Twitter handles will be shifting around as well. In one of those “you can’t get there from here” things, changing twitter handles isn’t so easy if you want to retain existing followers. To that end, the existing Dell Software will be repurposed for the real @dellsoftware, but since our biggest twitter following is currently on @quest, we will are renaming @dellsoftware to @dellswnews, then renaming @quest to @dellsoftware. Simple… interested in Dell Software, follow @dellsoftware from now…

I’ll post a few other updates with some news on products, awards etc. that I’ve missed in the last few months in the next few days. ++Mark.

Welcome to Enstratius

This morning Dell announced the acquisition of Enstratius, formally known as enStratus.

Enstratius complements the capability Dell recently acquired from Gale Technologies, now Active System Manager (ASM), by providing enhanced multi-cloud management and application configuration capabilities and integrates converged offerings with cloud systems management. Additionally, Enstratius has been in partnership with Dell since April 2012 in Dell’s Emerging Solutions Ecosystem Partner Program, and is offered as a component of the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution.

Enstratius’ solutions are “cloud agnostic” so our customers can choose any combination of public and private cloud providers, including Dell and non-Dell clouds. The Enstratius technology can be deployed on-premises or consumed as a subscription service that enables full control from within a customer’s data center—giving our customers the flexibility to use the delivery method that best fits their business needs.

Michael Cote has some useful commentary and links over on his Drunk and Retired blog.

Dell software growth

We have a lot of things going on now, with the new Dell Software group emerging rapidly from the acquisitions we’ve made over the past few years.

I just saw a tweet this tweet

During my tour of Dell Software Group R&D centers last year, one I was really impressed with was the Madison , WI center. Vibrant, community engaged, and doing interesting projects. This is one vacancy, there many available across the portfolio, you can search starting at the page in the tweet. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in any of them, leave a comment here, or contact me via mark underscore cathcart at dell dot com.

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I'm Mark Cathcart, formally a Senior Distinguished Engineer, in Dells Software Group; before that Director of Systems Engineering in the Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell. Prior to that, I was IBM Distinguished Engineer and member of the IBM Academy of Technology. I'm an information technology optimist.

I was a member of the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative Steering committee. Read more about it here.

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