Its all about the apps

At least according to anyone who has owned an Apple phone, its all about simplicity… The iPhone does that. Despite the recent announcement of a whole set of new iOS6 features integrated with Facebook that are mostly copied from Windows Phone 7.5 its actually still all about the apps for me.

As of yesterday I was till under the impression Dell was going to launch new phones later this year. Well apparently not anymore, a shift in strategy means we are going to focus more on the management, than phones themselves. I’ve grown really fond of my dell Venue pro with Windows phone, despite the fact I’ve been holding onto a device with a cracked screen, hoping for new devices to be launched real-soon-now.

One of the big frustrations I’ve been living with isn’t the phone or the OS at all, its the Twitter client/app. It constantly returns “rate limited”.

Want to tweet? Sorry, rate limited. Want to retweet, rate limited. I tried birdsong, at 99c what a deal, shame the red on black text is unreadable and not changeable. At least accordingly to the Windows Phone marketplace, it is an official app Published by: Twitter, Inc. and released in October 2010. Ever since I installed this, it often fails with rate limited, I guess this is an app error based on – Shame is loads of people are complaining about it that twitter have not addressed it.

Next up, I tried Seesmic… Used it before, wasn’t really that good, very restricted input windows for non-twitter sites like facebook. lets try again, sorry can’t create twitter space, turns out to be a authentication error…. I’m guessing in direct response to twitter changing to always returning a gzip formatted authentication response.

I tried Birdsong, a really nice twitter app, sadly it uses red on black for twitter names and links, which on my phone is unreadable. So what to do about a broken app? Despite my enthusiasm for Windows 8, I think the time has come to switch over to Android. I have a B&N rooted to Android Gingerbread, and a Smasung Nexus S with ICS, and although they are both great computers, as a smart phone, I prefer Windows Phone 7.5. But hey, as a platform the Facebook app is not keeping up, the twitter app is broken, the marketplace lacks details on versions, updates and more.

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