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Got hybrid?

DrJCL has a useful summary.

Careers and Professions in IT

I’ve updated my old “Seven” presentation on managing your career, which I developed some 10-12 years ago, I’m giving a talk at Texas A&M University next week.Careers and Professions in IT.

Dell and YouTube Partner to Live Stream Four of the Year’s Major Music Festivals | Business Wire

Dell and YouTube Partner to Live Stream Four of the Year’s Major Music Festivals | Business Wire

via Dell and YouTube Partner to Live Stream Four of the Year’s Major Music Festivals | Business Wire.

DrJCL joins the blogosphere

I’m sure some of my former IBM colleagues will be confused by the JCL reference, but I’m not. I’m delighted to see a new blog from Craig Lowery here at Dell. Craig has been instrumental in the private/public cloud thinking that’s been going on here, as well as working with a number of partners and vendors. I for one am really looking forward to his posts. Craigs’ blog is here and he is DrJCL on twitter.

Dell to acquire SonicWall

8:16 AM Dell (DELL) says that it will snap up network security player SonicWall from P-E firm Thomas Bravo for an undisclosed amount in a deal that is expected to close within 45 days. SonicWall was taken private by Thomas Bravo back in 2010.

10:15 AM Here is a link to the formal corporate announcement with more detail on SonicWall

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QR Codes and PowerEdge 12g servers

One of the things that is great about the new 12g hardware is the innovative use of QR Codes for service and support. It’s one of those “aha” moments where something that seems so obvious just works. Congratulations to Kevin and the ID team that pulled this together. The youtube video explains it all. 

Eventually consistent

Those interested in the current debate about Big Data, and massively parallel systems, Hadoop et al might want to take a look at this Eventually consistent post I just wrote for my new blog where I’m not sure what I’ll post, mostly ramblings.

And that’s a great example of the difference between eventually consistent and ACID based transaction-based systems. Many but not all IT Professionals understand this. Make sure yours does. In this case it could be the backend database consistency, ie there are multiple copies and they don’t match, or there could be multiple backend copies and the copy in the browser cache, does or doesn’t match. Either way “Houston, we have a problem”.”

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I'm Mark Cathcart, formally a Senior Distinguished Engineer, in Dells Software Group; before that Director of Systems Engineering in the Enterprise Solutions Group at Dell. Prior to that, I was IBM Distinguished Engineer and member of the IBM Academy of Technology. I'm an information technology optimist.

I was a member of the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative Steering committee. Read more about it here.

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