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openstack in Boston

openstack logoFidelity and Dell are hosting the the second in a series of Openstack User Group meetings in Boston on November 29th. They’ve been running in Austin for a while and they have been growing in size and scope on a monthly basis. The most recent, held at the Texas Ranch Start Up incubation center,  had standing room only.

The group were recognized by meetup for having over 100 members of our group. Here is link to meetup registration:

Dell are looking to sponsor an Dallas in near future, and San Jose area early next year.

Are PDF’s where information goes to die?

Terminal 4, A-gates

An extract from the PSH Terminal 4 PDF map

Yesterday I wrote a rant on my triathlon, travel blog about an “information” problem I’d had at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, you can read it here. Really my point was simply with mobile and tablet devices, PDF’s are hugely restrictive platform for the display of information.

Since PDF’s cannot really be dynamically updated, and are almost always a copy of some information created and stored elsewhere, they are often overlooked when the information is updated. Now adobe are moving away flash for websites, it’s about time that websites abandoned PDF’s, especially for simple graphics like this. While there remains some justification to use them as vehicles to transfer facsimile or “exact” copies of documents, for the most part as a form of information display, the PDF is a place information goes to die.

Anyone home?

I got an email today that indirectly reminded me I hadn’t posted for a while and they wondered what I was upto. mea culpa.

Actually I’ve changed direction for a while and am busy working on a few “mobile” related projects. We’ve got an MRD that includes a mobile UI for our embedded management, but is lacking a few key features to make a compelling “use case“. So I’ve been digging around both trying to come up with some new IP, as well as getting all the ducks lined up to make this happen. Add to that a couple of pretty interesting corporate business development projects and the BAU stuff and thats where I’ve been.

I’ve had a few web pages bookmarked to share via a blog post when the time was right, that time appears to be now.

Dell AIM Integration Pack for Microsoft Opalis

The Integration Pack for Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM) is an add-on for System Center Opalis that enables you to automate procedures and processes in the Dell AIM environment. This version of Dell AIM IP (v1.0) supports only Microsoft System Center Opalis 6.3 and works with AIM version 3.4.1 [Download here]

In The Press

Next up is an online interview with Sally Stephens, a colleague and VP, PG Enterprise Platform Marketing and some of our top guys in India. In the interview the discuss both cloud and virtualization and makes some important and interesting points. [Read here]

Amongst the coverage of our[Dell] FORCE10 acquisition, this is a useful summary of what I’ve not discussed over the past few months. Notably and most interesting is the inclusion, post acquisition, of FORCE10 into the vStart program. [Read here and here]

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I was a member of the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative Steering committee. Read more about it here.

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