One to follow?

Nepotism rocks, it makes the world go around. Ok, ok, maybe not. However, when one of your personal friends, that until a few years ago you never even knew worked in IT, starts writing a great, to the point blog, what’s a man to do except provide a link. Here it is, Jays “Technology Defenestration” blog.

Hey Jay, when you get a minute, do me a favor, read this paper of mine on virtualization from 2006 and try to put Oracles hard and soft partitioning in context. Cheers.

1 Response to “One to follow?”

  1. 1 Jay Weinshenker April 5, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Both ESX and Oracle VM in their present forms are Type 1 (bare metal) hypervisors and are both soft partitioning. Oracle calls pinning a VM in OracleVM to hardware partitioning, although it’s clearly still hypervisor partitioning (soft).

    Not the first time Oracle tries to re-write reality to meet their own needs. Reminds me of some idea I believe the Nazis made popular (woo, Godin’s law!) that if you repeat it enough, no matter how outlandish, people will believe it.

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