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IBM update on Power 7

For those interested, IBM has apparently revealed some details on the upcoming Power 7 processors. Gordon Haff an analyst has written two blog entries on aspects of the disclosure meeting. The first on the size, capacity, performance and the second, on the design, threading and cache etc. Nice to see Gordon picked up on x86 Transitive, no word on any new developments though.

I suspect that given the state of the industry now, the Power Systems folks are feeling pretty pleased with the decisions we made on the threading design and processor threading requirements almost over two years ago, no point in chasing rocks if you have virtualization. Best not rest on your laurels though guys. You’ve got some really significant software pricing issues to deal with, and it will be interesting to see if you took my advice on an intentional architecture for the Power server platform management.

In a interesting, karmic sort of way, I’m doing an “Avoiding Accidental Architecture” pitch here at Dell this afternoon, I’ll be using the current Power 6 state of affairs as a good, or rather bad example. Thanks as always to Tom Maguire of EMC, and Grady Booch at IBM for the architecture meme.

New Friends, missing news

Turbo Todd muses over on his blog that he missed the friendster/facebook announcement because he was on a plane and it didn’t have wireless and the implications of being behind.

Todd, get over it, you are not in fact behind, getting off the plane after something has been announced, you are in fact ahead in these modern interconnected days. Just through our common twitter “friends”, there were 10-blog posts within 90-minutes that carried the news and gave an analysis, just like the VMware/Springsource acquisition, there are more angles than you can measure with an Isosceles triangle. Unless you are suggesting your are wiser than the crowd and knew all these angles and more.

Also, since Silicon Valley is to the tech industry, what LA is to the movie industry, get used to making new friends, this years movers and shakers are next years fail whales or Scott and Larry, either way, you’ll need new friends!

Oh, yeah, we must be friends, Facebook says so…

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