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Time changes – Europe gets closer for a week!

I’ve been scheduling a lot of meetings this week for the next month or so, one thing I discovered is that for the first time since we’ve really had computerised scheduling/calendars/diaries etc. there will be an hour less time between Europe and the US between the 28th of October and November 4th.

Previously the old saying was true for the UK, spring forward with Europe, Fall back with the US. That is, the UK changed its clocks in the spring with the rest of Europe, and Europe changed it’s clocks back in the Fall when the US did. That meant for a week in the spring the UK would be 6-hours ahead of US East coast time, but just 5-hours ahead for the rest of the year.

Thats not true this year. Europe and the UK change back on October 28th, the US follows along on November 4th. So that means the UK will only four hours ahead of US East coast time next week. I bet that will catch a few people out, hopefully no systems will fail.

See Webexhibits concise table here.
See the Wikipedia long discussion here.

IBM Ships 1,000th POWER6-Based System p UNIX Server

I’ve been busy trying to wrap-up on our fall plan development commitments for the Systems Management updates I was working on earlier in the year; and also starting a new appliance and virtual appliance project, more on that soon.

However, this came across in my email today, and I thought it was worth a quick post. We’ve shipped our 1,000th Power6 based System p server to a customer, Arrow Electronics.

You can read the full press release here. Coincidentally for me, Arrow is based just down Route 110, in Melville NY, from where I used to work at Chemical Bank in the 1980’s, the heyday of my virtualization efforts.

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