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One for James, Ruby in Austin

Ruby on booksHey James, no promises but here are a sample of the new books in the IBM Austin library…

Click to enlarge…

System p Entry Points for SOA

Well the wagon has wheels, one of the first visible results of the work I’ve been involved in System p was announced last week via press release.

The “System p Configurations for SOA Entry Points” are a collection of reference architectures, installation, system setup, configuration guides, as well as certification of the Software stack on System p, common integration patterns, best practices for problem prevention, role specific documentation, answers to common operational questions and appropriate customer-use cases. [BonusPak anyone?]

For me the benefit of a virtualised infrastructure to SOA and web services always seemed obvious and not just by virtualising at the middleware layer. Continue reading ‘System p Entry Points for SOA’

I’ve had my collar felt

I got a call from the IBM IP Law dept today, it seems that having a DNS with IBM in it isn’t allowed. I knew this, but figured they’d let it slip in my case, apprently not. So for those of you with RSS subscriptions, and bookmarks, please change to using until I work out the details.

Looking back, Unix System Services, Linux et al

I receive quiet a few emails weekly asking questions about product stratetgy and direction. Some of them are difficult to answer because they either delve into IBM confidential disclosures or are too complex to handle in email.

This one though was both interesting and bought back a flood of memories, I thought a post here was in order, with Dales permission.

Continue reading ‘Looking back, Unix System Services, Linux et al’

APV Intro and config

More from the IBM Redbooks team here in Austin. This time its an update to a prior book, actually this is the 3rd revision of the popular Introduction and Configuration book.

They’ve added and updated information on the following:
The value of the Advanced POWER Virtualization

  • Virtualization technologies on System p servers
  • New features in Version 1.3 of the Virtual I/O Server.
  • Additional information for Virtual SCSI optical devices.
  • Setting up the Virtual I/O Server: the basics
  • Setting up virtual I/O: advanced
  • Scenario 4: Network Interface Backup in the client
  • System management
  • Additional information about Hot Plugging adapters with respect to Fibre Channel.
  • Additional information about the topas command
  • New monitoring commands included in 5.5.6, New monitoring commands on the Virtual I/O Server.
  • A new section on security: 5.7, Security considerations for Virtual I/O Servers.

The updated book is here and is available in PDF and HTML format.

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I was a member of the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative Steering committee. Read more about it here.

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